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About Us

Extensive Experience. Exceptional Quality. Exemplary Service.

Gecco, Inc. is a second generation family-owned business which manufactures specialty products for use on fire sprinkler systems and mechanical piping. Gecco, Inc. is a global company with a strong market presence in the European Union, Canada and the United States.

Gecco has an unparalleled reputation for building rugged and durable tools that stand the test of time while providing a significant return on investment. President Gerald Clum and his staff have over 100 years of experience in the fire protection industry, constantly developing new ideas while maintaining the highest standards of quality control.

Gecco’s highly acclaimed product, the Dropmaster, was developed when Gecco’s founder understood that fire protection contractors and mechanical contractors needed a product to safely and economically remove water, odor and antifreeze from fire sprinkler systems and process piping. Thus, the Dropmaster was born.

From our early days, our mission has been to be a technology leader that develops innovative, quality products for the fire protection industry. We began with The Dropmaster and have broadened our customer base to include mechanical contractors.

Dropmaster produces excellent results while keeping costs low. Some, but not all, of the important cost benefits are:

  • Saves 40%-60% on labor costs.
  • Eliminates the need for buckets and tarps.
  • Can remove trapped water on drops up to twenty feet long.
  • Can change up to four sprinkler heads at a time.
  • Has a nonadjustable regulator to maintain 10” Hg vacuum as not to damage grooved couplers used in many fire sprinklers and piping systems
  • Mounted on wheels to be 100% portable.

The Dropmaster technology expedites the work in finished ceiling areas, reduces system downtime and minimizes inconvenience to customers’ businesses. Call today to see how the Dropmaster can help you solve your fire sprinkler problems.