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“Our purchase of the “Dropmaster” has been one of the best investments we have made to this point. The “ Dropmaster” saves work hours and eliminates water damage when servicing a system. We also use the “Dropmaster” for dry system winterizations and other drain down applications. Our customers have been very satisfied with the results we have produced with the “Dropmaster”.  We highly recommend this tool to anyone in the fire sprinkler industry. The team at GECCO, INC has done a wonderful job creating this tool and providing excellent customer support.”

– Kris Pettigrew CET – Oklahoma City, OK


Times Tribune Headline, 2012

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“Great move in getting the Dropmaster system, we love the thing!”

– Larry M., Baush & Laumb

“We love this product! We lose big money every time we don’t have our Dropmaster on the job.”

– Tom G., Metro Fire Protection Services Inc. Stuart Florida

My service techs will refuse to do a head replacement without the use of your machines. Once again thank you for all of the good service.

– David Anderson, Sprinkler Division Manager, Unifour Fire & Safety

I purchased a DM12 and am very happy with the results. As you know, we have had some unique situations and the Dropmaster has not disappointed us. I have been in the fire sprinkler business for close to 40 years and am very impressed with your product. Your tech support is second to none.

– Gary G., Lake Worth FL

It saves time in manpower on change out of existing heads and reduces clean up.

– Davis Hibbert, Deaconess-Nashoba Hospital

Has performed beyond overall expectations.

– Kevin Mortell, Wolverine Fire Protection

My guys consider the Dropmaster to be the ‘Third man.’ I sleep better at night because of it.

– John, Vice President of Sprinkler Division

The best tool I bought!

– Chuck H.